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Civilian Eva Thompson thought the worst was behind them. She was wrong.

After Eva and who is left of her people witness the life they worked so hard to rebuild crumble beneath them, she leads them to a new region for a fresh start. But this region has its own dangers and difficulties. And when the evil makes an appearance here too, she knows drastic measures must be taken.

Eva assembles a team from the military members she has worked with since they first arrived on this Wonderland on steroids, and adds an impressive civilian engineer to the mix—one who puts Eva’s stellar intellect to shame. Then once her team is ready, they set off to form the unity this world’s attractive beings say Eva is prophesied to create.

But the evil doesn’t want Eva’s quest to succeed. And some of the attractive beings she is supposed to unite might not want her to either. Beings who test Eva’s patience—and heart—far more than she tests theirs, and she test theirs quite a bit.

Will Eva and her team be able to complete their quest, save their people, and ultimately, save this world? Or will the evil win and kill them all?

Join Eva in part two of this fantasy adventure where new devastations, new trials, and new friendships await on a world where the natives are alluring, the weather is fierce, romance builds over time, humor heals even the deepest wounds, and loyalties are strong.