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Civilian Brook Russell loves her family, her people, the world she was born on, and the attractive beings who inhabit the very diverse regions that have been Brook’s playground her whole life. But she does not love the rebellion that started five years ago among her own people that might destroy all she holds dear… herself included.

And unfortunately, the rebellion is not the only battle Brook has to fight. There is a conflict inside her body that is more dangerous than the war the members of the rebellion are trying to start. And unless she can convince the being who is supposed to be the humans’ king to help, Brook and the other people who are fighting both battles alongside her will not survive.

The humans’ time on this exotic, beautiful world will come to an end. And everything Queen Evalyn worked so hard for, sacrificed herself for, will be lost for eternity.

Join new character, Brook, in part five of this fantasy adventure where the trials are more personal, the dangers are greater, and hearts might shatter on a world where the natives are alluring, the weather is fierce, romance builds over time, humor heals even the deepest wounds, and loyalties are strong.

Author’s Note: Before The Lost Sun Rises is the first half of Eva’s children’s stories. Book 6 will close out the stories of Sophia, Berend, the other attractive beings, and the rest of Eva’s people. I hope you love how this series ends!