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Princess Sophia is accustomed to being alone. Being unwanted. Not being accepted by either of her kinds. But what she isn’t accustomed to is her brother, her king, demanding her to do something she is so against. Why? And why now?

As much as Sophia would love to pry these answers out of him, she knows the only way she can avoid his uncharacteristic mandate until his head is screwed back on straight is to disappear into the many diverse regions on this exotic, beautiful world. The escape will help her recover from her shock and give her time to strategize her next move. A move that is much needed now that her time with the humans has come to an end. And she knows just the attractive being to assist her with the task.

But will the burly native help her? Or will he hand her over to a fate far worse than death?

Join Sophia in part six of this fantasy adventure where the trials are a bit comical, the dangers are unexpected, and new beginnings develop on a world where the natives are alluring, the weather is fierce, romance builds over time, humor heals even the deepest wounds, and loyalties are strong.

Author’s Note: Before The Low Cloud Fades is the second half of Eva’s children’s stories. I hope you love how this series ends!