Ritzy final ebook

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Ritzy Vincent Peak has it all. Drama. Romance. Humor. And of course, kissing. Because who doesn’t love a bit of kissing?

Come join Nash and Sarah as they navigate around loss, restoration, and a hoard of naughty pets to find their prize in a sea of mess.

Royce and Lanie as they set aside their cherished, hard-earned plans to embrace the gifts neither of them thought they wanted, until they had the little nuggets.

Travis and Faith as they fight past demons that want to destroy them, while they blaze through crazy land minds of love and attraction to attain the peace they both desperately crave.

Blake and Kara as they must sacrifice what they believed their lives would be like to blend their families and their hearts into so much more.

Ritzy Vincent Peak is a new style of novel where four linked stories are kept together and released at the same time. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I did writing it.

P.S. Each story has a start, finish, and happily-ever-after, but are best read in order.

In Progress