What does this full-time author and RVer do during a quarantine? — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Lisa and Troy,
    Nice hearing about your days!
    We are doing about the same except we have our meals brought to us, which is very nice!
    Troy, your a good Sugar Daddy, I love watching the birds.
    Art just left with Lexi for a walk, wanted to get out before it rains, not saying it rains very much, haha
    Have a good day, love you Guys!

    • Hi, Art and Terrie!
      Thank you for reading my Adventure Post. It’s so good to hear from you. And I’m really glad you guys are also doing well.
      Meal delivers rocks! It’s awesome you have that option. 🙂
      Tell Art to enjoy the walk. Although, I have a feeling he and Lexi are already back.
      Have a great weekend and we love you guys too!

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